• Serena »
Slægtsnavnet har Allan fra sin fars side af familien.

• Bergün »
Dette er byen i Schweiz Serena-familien stammer fra.

• Kunsten på kroppen »
Det er Colin Dale fra Kunsten på kroppen, der i 2004 lavede den flotte tattovering på Allans ryg. 


Slægtsnavnet, Serena stammer fra den lille by, Bergün i Schweiz. Familiens våbenskjold er en tvehalet havfrue - en Melusine.


Beretningerne om Melusine kan spores helt tilbage til middelalderen.

Der findes flere udgaver af fortællingen om Melusine. Herunder er en af dem.

"The Story of Melusine tells about a noble man, Raymond of Poitou who was meeting a beautiful woman while he was on a hunt in the forests of France. He became enchanted by her beauty and married her. But she placed one condition before they walked down the altar: that he was to never see her the day of Saturday. He made his vow and they lived for a while happily. They had a few children also. But as fate took had it, one day he made the mistake of going into her chamber on Saturday to see her bathing. There was Queen Melusine in all her glory in the bathtub complete with the long tail of a serpent. This of course was a bit of a surprise to the king. But before he could even come out of his shock, Melusine quickly took flight, never to return again as his wife. But some say they could hear her wailing on some nights mourning the loss of her children as she flew around the castle’s turrets".


En illustration fra Jean d'Arras bog om Melusine fra 1478.

"I følge beretningerne fløj en grædende drage over slottet når et medlem af Melusines familie døde".